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The next three years will serve as an epilogue to our celebration of 100 years of Nakai Industrial Co., Ltd., At the same time, we are entering a prologue to our next 100 years of success.

We are designating the years leading up to 2016 as the 100th anniversary epilogue, while simultaneously embarking on a prologue for the upcoming century. The Nakai Industrial Group aims to traverse further in our ongoing journey “from the world of decorative products to the world of functionality” and will strive to energetically work to meet the desires and expectations of our customers.

We ask for your continued support as we move forward with strengthening our management organization and commit ourselves to developing our business in order to achieve our goals.

Striving for new technological reform with pride in our tradition and performance

The technology and expertise derived from traditional metallic yarn manufacture

Our company was founded in Nara Prefecture in 1916 as a metallic yarn manufacturer. At first, the company had only a manufacturing division, but as the colorful metallic yarn became popular as a material for sashes made with Nishijin brocade, we opened a sales office in Kyoto for direct sales to our customers.

This early combination of manufacturing and sales was the first step in our growth. We began to devote our energies to exports as well as our business in Japan, and we earned the acclaim of our customers and an enviable record of performance.

The primary product of our company is metallic yarn, followed by vinyl chloride film for decoration. We then developed the technology for hot stamping foil with polyester film as the base. The transfers add designability to paper, plastics, and cloth, and are widely used in many items familiar to the general public, including cosmetics packages and the title logos of magazines.

Becoming a general manufacturer of thin coatings that use the most advanced technology

That’s how we refined the film coating technology for "the decoration industry". We are taking bold steps to create new products by utilizing the expertise we have developed over our long history.

For example, we have developed a succession of functional products, including high reflection film, anti-glare film, electromagnetic shielding film, and protective films. We are working to evolve into a general manufacturer of thin coatings that provide functions to different films by using the wet coating, dry coating, and composite technologies.

Our growth in this sector means these functional products accounted for about 50% of our commercial goods in FY 2013. We provide functional products with high added value to a wide range of sectors, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, televisions, and other high-tech products.

Our strategy has always been to make capital investments in the most advanced technology in advance of our competitors, backed by this technical innovation. One of our strengths is a Class 100 clean room, which denotes a superior level of environmental cleanliness, in our coating head sections to respond to the rigorous need for cleanliness in the manufacturing process.

Using the rapid changes of the day as a growth opportunity

Our business climate continues to change at an astonishing rate of speed. Today, we can no longer expect to obtain customer satisfaction simply by providing products of high quality.

One issue is how quickly we can develop thin and highly functional films. Another is whether we can use our technical capabilities to resolve our customers’ problems. That is our most important challenge and the key to our future growth.

Our corporate precept is to continue to employ our capabilities for management and response to create a better corporate environment using this change as the impetus. We strive to develop advanced and creative products without forgetting our spirit of accepting new challenges.

Finally, we will contribute to the daily lives of the citizens, industry, and society as a powerful force in the background.

Nakai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Masahiro Nakai, Chairman and Representative Director
Takahiro Sakaki, President and Representative Director

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