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Products developed

IM Series

This in-mold hot stamping foil was created by combining our hot stamping foil technology with hard coating technology. In addition to resin forming, it also enables the provision of superior functionality.

Y Series

This hot stamping foil is used for cold transfer systems that don’t require the heat or plate of conventional foil press processing. There are no restrictions on productivity (processing speed and area), which is slowed by foil press processing. Transfers are also possible on shrink films, which are susceptible to heat damage.

NSX Series

This hot stamping foil for fabrics offers a dramatic improvement in washing durability compared to conventional products. It enables the use of metallic printing for frequently washed casual clothing, such as t-shirts and sweatshirts.

KK Series

This hot stamping foil enables the provision of the anti-bacterial properties of silver to the items receiving the transfer. It provides the luxurious metallic sense of silver with a bactericidal function for a variety of uses, including paper, plastics, and fabrics.

PI embossing plate

The embossing plate manufacturing technology was developed by Diffra Thermo. It enables the expression of two or more hidden patterns with one foil pressing. It is possible to easily use the latent image counterfeit protection technology employed for 500 yen coins.

Defrathermo for plastic

Processing for Diffra Thermo made it difficult to use for materials other than paper, but this product can be used for acrylics, PP, and other plastics. It will dramatically increase your range of uses.

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