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Our policy for protecting personal information

Our policy for protecting personal information

We believe it is our social duty to protect the personal information of all the people who provide that information to us. Our handling of personal information is as cited in the following.

  1. 1.The implementation of personal information protection

    In addition to complying with laws regarding personal information, our company will continue to improve its knowledge of personal information protection.

  2. 2.The acquisition and use of personal information

    Our company will acquire personal information through appropriate and fair methods.

    We will use the information to the extent required for the conduct of our business within the scope of the objectives of use for the notification and public announcement of the personal information obtained.

  3. 3.Providing personal information to a third party

    We will not provide personal information to a third party other than as required by law without obtaining the prior consent of the individual.

  4. 4.The safe management of personal information

    We will devise the required and appropriate measures to prevent the improper access of personal information, prevent the loss, theft, destruction, alteration, or revelation of personal information, and to manage that information safely.

    We will provide the required and appropriate oversight when outsourcing the handling of personal information.

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The objectives of personal information use

The individual data we have already acquired for the purpose of conducting business, and the personal information we will acquire in the future will be used for the following objectives.

  1. 1.Objectives of use

    1. Providing information about our products, services, and sales promotion activities, making proposals, making contact, or sending our products
    2. Billing for, receiving, or making payment
    3. Handling inquiries or requests for information material from customers
    4. Asking for cooperation for or making contact regarding surveys and questionnaires for product planning, development, and improvement
    5. Recruiting activities, etc.

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