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Hard coating, infrared blocking, static protection, easy release, and films for printing, anti-bacterial films, and photocatalytic films

LAYHIPAR® is the name for a series of films that provides functionality without damaging the base film. We make these films using our own coating technology for plastic films of all types and composite technology.


  • Films for insulation and protection

    These include types with exceptional friction resistance, solvent resistance, glare-proofing, formability, and heat wave resistance.

  • Films for electric materials and architectural materials

    These include types with exceptional anti-static and release properties

  • Films suitable for printing

    Films with exceptional printing characteristics

  • Films for environmental uses

    These include types to prevent the spread of different strains of bacteria and mold, and types that are hydrophilic and breakup organic materials in room light.

Here’s where they can be used

Cellular telephones, Automobiles, Liquid crystal televisions

  • Nameplate
  • Touch panel
  • Membrane switch
  • White board
  • Window films
  • Fluorescent cover
  • Converted papers
  • Packaging for ICs and other electronic parts
  • Partition for clean room
  • OHP sheets
  • Delivery labels
  • Kitchen sinks

Product development from user requests

There are many different types of products in the LAYHIPAR® series with just as many different uses, but please don’t hesitate to bring us your product requests. These may include combining different product functions, something completely new, or those with specific functions in mind.

Ask about the LAYHIPAR® series here

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