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Shine Foil®

Shine Foil®

Shine Foil® is a hot stamping foil for adding decorative touches using the combination of Nakai’s technology for wet coating and dry coating. It adds designability with a high metallic sense to the basic material.

The features of Shine Foil®

Shine Foil ® for paper®

  • A series (AP AM WP SAM)
    This is the general type for fine to medium coverage. Its adhesiveness over a wide area gives it exceptional workability. It can be used with a variety of transfer methods, ranging from UpDown, GTP, cylinder machinery, large direct pressure machinery, and other foil transfer pressing machinery, to sealing foil pressing.

  • FP Series (FP-U)
    This has the same wide-area adhesiveness as the A series, but is suited for fine to medium coverage or broader coverage for water-based press coating or UV coating in particular.

  • The SQ Series (SQ-M, SQ-S)
    This is for medium to heavy coverage and for rough surfaces. It has superior adhesiveness for uneven material surfaces, and adds luster. As with the A series, it maintains superior workability regardless of the processing equipment used.

Shine Foil® for plastics

  • R Series (RG RV RY RH)
    We have an extensive product lineup in this series. Products include those for all types of plastic materials, whether olefin or non-olefin; for PE tube and other basic materials with UV printing; or for transfer method, such as metal stamping, rubber pressing, or circumference pressing.

  • CTS Series (CTS-RV CTS-BS)
    This series offers superior adhesiveness for PP sheet material used for transparent cases and binders. It has little blurring of thin printing or edges seen with transfers by cylinder machinery or with pressure transfers. It provides exceptional adhesiveness and gloss.

Shine Foil® for fabrics

  • NS series (NS-72Z, NS-72F, NS-72UD BH-K)
    Shine Foil ® for fabrics enables transfer with a response to the binder only printed on fabrics with silk screening. It is used for clothing decoration for both Western and Japanese apparel, and for Japanese carp streamers.
    It also has the capability of providing superior resistance to washing and to light.

Functional Shine Foil®

  • EX Series
    These products have superior anti-abrasion characteristics for the transfer surface.
    They are suitable for uses requiring anti-abrasion characteristics, including upscale packaging for cosmetics and other products, and foil pressing on creased sections.

  • EA Series
    This series is excellent for post-processing on transfer surfaces.
    Printing, coating, laminating, and other post-processing on transfer surfaces are possible.

  • SN Series
    This is non-conductive Shine Foil®. It provides designability of metallic glossy surfaces, and can be used for microwave ovens and metal detectors.

Special Design Feature Shine Foil®

  • OPT foil
    This rainbow colored foil with transparency combines OPT foil transparent deposition with color production processing.

  • Half deposition foil
    This semi-transparent metallic hot stamping foil controls the deposition thickness.
    It allows for the optional setting of the permeability ratio.

  • Pearl foil
    This hot stamping foil uses different pearl pigments.

  • Rainbow foil
    This rainbow-colored foil with a metallic touch combines special aluminum deposition and color production.

  • SB Series
    These are products for backside transfer to transparent plastic base material.
    The combination with two sides of the same color, two sides of different colors, and half deposition creates many possibilities.

Information from Nakai

Our staff of specialists can present different Shine Foil® products for different base materials and methods.
The superior workability and wide adhesive range enables the provision of Shine Foil® products with special functions and designability customized for our customers’ needs.

The uses of Shine Foil®

  • Packages of all kinds
  • Clothing
  • Improving the design sense of printed material

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