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Diffra Thermo®

Diffra Thermo® is a completely new type of printing technology that is an advanced combination of complex line pattern foil pressing and special printing. It has a stunning ability to catch the eye and appeal to people because the shine and the color change with the angle of view.

The features of Diffra Thermo®

  • Changing the angle of view causes colors to change.

  • Embossed foil pressing in conjunction with the visual pattern creates the movement of light, a sense of quality, and a sense of three dimensions.

  • The special processing enables differentiation with other printed products, and also adds a sense of security.

  • We can respond to different demands, ranging from small to large lots.

The uses of Diffra Thermo®

The primary uses are for paper and composite paper. The irregular surface of Japanese style paper and other materials can have an effect on foil embossing and create a mat-like effect.

  • For packages and labels of such products as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, healthful foods, sake, and whiskey
  • For bound documents, including academic works, specialist works, illustrated books, photography collections, and magazines
  • Posters, pamphlets, catalogues, and calendars
  • Game cards, greeting cards, New Year’s cards, calling cards, gift certificates, cash vouchers, etc.

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