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High reflective film KIRARAFLEX®

「KIRARAFLEX®」is an optical reflective film with superior reflecting characteristics and great durability. It is a silver deposition film manufactured using exceptional optical reflecting capabilities. The process employs silver processing technology with the technology Nakai has developed from metallic yarn manufacturing as the base.

The features of KIRARAFLEX®

  • An extremely high optical reflectivity (regular reflection) in the visual light range

  • Excellent resistance to light and corrosion

  • The use of thin film enables adhesion to curved surfaces.

The uses of KIRARAFLEX®

Cellular telephones,Liquid crystal televisions

Liquid crystal televisions

  • Cellular telephones
  • Personal computers
  • Digital cameras

Side light reflectors

  • Personal computers

Sheets for improving the brightness of general illumination

  • Fluorescent lighting uses

Information from Nakai

We have a product lineup based on film thickness, and can respond to customers’ requests for specific uses.

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