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「METALITE®」is the name for aluminum and dry coating products for polyester films made using vacuum deposition technology.

The features of METALITE®

Wrapping films

  • These are aluminum deposition films that combine the function of blocking moisture, oxygen, and light, required for maintaining the freshness and flavor of food products wrapped in films, with a metallic luster that enhances the designability of the package. The products have a high level of barrier characteristics and a superior lamination applicability due to our excellent vacuum deposition process technology.

Industrial films

  • These include films for improving the post-printing process applicability, the glossy type, and the mat type.

Materials for agriculture

  • These products are superior as reflective sheets for agricultural material because they inhibit increases in ground temperature, promote photosynthesis, are excellent for raising seedlings, and are effective protection against insects and birds.

  • They are widely used to protect against insects and birds before the all-important harvest season.

  • The anti-bird thread and anti-bird objects have characteristics birds dislike.

The uses of METALITE®

  • Packaging material for food products

  • Labels and stickers

  • Reflective sheets for agricultural use

  • Heat retention material

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