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NATULITE®products are biodegradable films that use our coating technology and vacuum deposition technology as part of our efforts to ameliorate environmental problems. Our intention is to use these products to open up a new product sector.

The features of NATULITE®


  • This film has a low impact on the environment. It is biodegradable in the soil and the microorganisms cause it to break up into water and CO2. Even when burned, the energy released by combustion is limited.

  • It boasts a high degree of adhesion to aluminum, and the special coating does not impair its intrinsic biodegradability.

  • It maintains an exceptional barrier characteristics compared to other general biodegradable films.

  • There is excellent adhesiveness to the film surface, and it has improved printability.

The uses of NATULITE®

  • Agricultural materials sector (Agricultural films, shade cloth use)
  • Food product packaging materials sector (Deposition packages, moisture prevention packaging)
  • Industrial materials sector (Construction insulating material, label and sticker use)

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