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「MAMILON®」is a textile material with a metallic luster due to the layers of aluminum, silver, and gold, and the mild luster of resin film. This luster, unobtainable with ordinary thread, is useful for providing added value to textile products.

The features of MAMILON®

  • For mixed thread, mixed weaving, and embroidery with pre-dyed threads, and other uses: M, MH, LH, MX, RA, RAX, RAH, ST, MT, accordion type, cross-woven type, etc.

  • For acrylic dying after thread mixing and mixed weaving: MA, MAH, etc.

  • For nylon dying after thread mixing and mixed weaving: MB, MBH2, MBX, etc.

  • For dying MAMILON ®:with nylon dying after mixed threads and mixed weaving: P, PX, FFR, FFRX, etc.

  • For volume reduction processing after thread mixing with polyester: MMS, etc.

  • For refined processing after thread mixing with silk: MMR, etc.

If you contact us about specific uses, our representative will provide a detailed explanation.

The uses of MAMILON®

  • Woven materials, including Japanese obi and clothing material
  • Knitted materials, including sweaters and pantyhose
  • Embroidery of logo marks
  • Braiding clothing material
  • Twine for packaging material

It is used for a wide range of purposes

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