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The Nakai group’s technology is divided into three areas: wet coating technology, dry coating technology, and composite technology. We use these technologies to develop products with diverse functions. These include functional coated products, hot stamping foil, deposition products, and metallic yarn, which are used throughout the world.

Wet coating

Wet coating technology uniformly coats base films with resins that are dissolved in organic solvents and liquids. The mechanism is similar to that for relief printing. In that process, the portion that will not be covered is recessed, the portion that will be covered is raised, ink is applied to the raised portion, and this is transferred to paper.

  • An explanation of the technology is here.

Dry coating

Dry coating is a method of affixing metals and oxide products on PET films and other base films. It is characterized by the ability to allow precise layering of extremely thin films measured in nanometers.

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Composite technology is a combination of wet coating technology and dry coating technology. This combination enables the provision of such features as designability, durability, barrier characteristics, and adhesiveness. We have an extensive product lineup that adds new value to existing products through this technology to meet a wide range of industry needs.

  • An explanation of the technology is here.

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